Preferred Vendor List Frequently Asked Questions


Are Villa clients required to use preferred vendors?

    ~No, but they are encouraged to do so.


How often do you updated the PVL?

    ~Every year in December


How can you apply to be on the PVL?

    ~Click here to apply


How many vendors in each category?

    ~A maximum of 6


Is there a fee to be included on the Preferred Vendor List?



What all is included?

    ~Your link on our website

    ~Your information in our new client gift bags

     ~The opportunity to be in our quarterly Vendor Showcase Open House


Is participation in the Vendor Showcase Open House required?

    ~No, but it is highly recommended, as it is where most of our clients choose their vendors from.


Do we need to have worked at The Villa before to be a preferred vendor?

    ~No, however, we will try to interview any vendors that we have not had to opportunity to work with yet.